I am Ross Summers, Senior Expat Financial Adviser in Singapore

  • Your trusted and dedicated Expat Financial Planner in Singapore.

  • Firmly rooted in Singapore with proven track record of clients and asset under management.

Be Financially Ready for the future

  • Are your savings and investments giving your the returns you need for retirement back home?

  • Are you leveraging the full financial and benefits available to you as an expatriate in Singapore?

  • I can help optimize your savings and retirement plan for a Financially Ready Future.

Savings and insurance for your family's Financial future

  • Expat life can be very busy, but it’s worth setting aside some time to look at how your money could be working harder for you.

  • You may find yourself with more disposable income – all the more reason to make financial planning a priority.

  • We work with expats in different scenarios depending on you unique position. This could be financial planning or managing your investments.

Bespoke Investing Plans For You

  • Living in Singapore can be a journey that leads to new experiences and opportunities. But it can also be complicated as a foreigner.

  • Contact me to find out how personalized investing plans can help increase your returns on investing.

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